Phishing is the attempt to steal your information by redirecting you to a web site impersonating the real one. If you visit the login page of a web site you have not visited before, StrongPass will display a warning screen. When you see this warning, carefully examine the site URL to make sure you are visiting the real web site and not a phishing site, especially if you think you have already stored the credentials for this web site in StrongPass.

  1. If this is a web site you recognize and trust, and you have not added this site to StrongPass before, double check the URL to make sure it is correct and not a similarly named site trying to trick you. If all looks well, tap on Add New to add this site to StrongPass.
  2. If this web site uses the same account to log in as another web site that is already stored in StrongPass, you can link this account to that account by tapping on Use Another.
  3. Tap on Block if you think this is a Phishing site.
  4. Tap on Cancel to dismiss this pop up.

If you visit any web page that you previously identified as a Phishing site, StrongPass will block access to that site. 

Tap on BLOCKED on the Home screen to view or edit the list of sites you have previously blocked.