StrongPass Browser Extensions can be installed when you install the StrongPass Components. If you did not install the extension for a browser during installation or you install a new browser after you've already installed the StrongPass Components and you would like to use StrongPass with that browser, follow the steps outlined below for Windows and Mac.

Install A Browser Extension On Windows

If you have Administrator privileges on your Windows computer, follow the steps below, otherwise, an alternative method is to install manually using the following links:

1) Search for "add or remove" in the task bar, then click to open "Add or remove programs" in System settings.

2) Search for "StrongPass", then click on "StrongPassComponents".

3) Click on the "Modify" button.

4) Windows will prompt to authorize changes to your machine. Click "Yes" to allow.

5) Check the box to agree to the license terms and conditions, then click on the "Options" button. Select the browser extension(s) you would like to install, then click the "OK" button. The screen shots below show Firefox as an example, and other browsers would be similar.

6) Click the "Update" button and the StrongPass installer will start the browser and install the extension automatically.

Install A Browser Extension On Mac

1) Open Finder and go to the Applications/Authomate folder. Double click on the StrongPass Setup Utility.

2) Follow the prompts in the Setup Utility until you reach a page for a browser that needs a StrongPass extension. The screen shots below show Firefox as an example, and other browsers would be similar. Select "Next" and "Install" to install the StrongPass extension.

3) When the Firefox browser window opens, click the Add button.

4) Check the box if you want to allow the extension in Private windows, then click on "Okay, Got it". Minimize the Firefox browser to continue with the Setup Utility. If you have any passwords saved in the browser, you have the option to import those accounts into your StrongPass App.