Authomate license keys specify the number of users that can be added to a team account and the period of time team members may use the Authomate system.


There are three types of Licenses:

  1. A trial license is generated automatically by the system when a customer creates a team account. The trial license is good for 30 days and has a limit of 100 users. 
  2. A basic license gives a customer the right to use the system for one year. The number of users included in the basic license is selected at the time of purchase. 
  3. An incremental user license is used to add additional users *or* you can use it to upgrade the feature set from Teams to TeamsPlus (or both). The number of users is selected at the time of purchase. 

You can purchase a license any time during your free trial.  Licenses purchased through the website are valid for one year. Each annual license is for the right to use either the Teams or TeamsPlus feature set and a certain number of users.   At any time after purchasing the annual license, you can upgrade from Teams to TeamsPlus or add additional users.   You cannot downgrade a license through the website until the end of the license period.    A new license goes into effect at the end of the latest existing license or the current date/time whichever is later except that if the only existing license is a trial license and the purchased license is for more users or more features, then the new license will take effect immediately.

Licenses can only be installed once in the Authomate server and cannot be removed. A reseller may issue an annual license via a key which may be entered into the website. Additional options may be provided on a case-by-case basis by contacting Authomate Sales at

For information on how to purchase a license with PayPal, please click here.