If you have lost your phone, there is no need to worry about your credentials. The StrongPass app automatically locks after 10 minutes of inactivity (unless you have enabled the Keep Unlocked option). If the person who finds your phone is able to unlock the phone itself, your locked app is still protected and all of your credentials remain encrypted inside the app until the app is unlocked with your passcode. Anyone trying to break into your app by guessing the passcode only gets 10 chances before your phone is locked out. Obviously, the longer and stronger the passcode is, the less likely the thief will get into your device within those 10 chancesFor more information on passcode options and Keep Unlocked, click here.

When you discover your phone is lost, you can remotely lock out the device by signing into your Authomate website account. If you are unable to log into your Authomate website account, your team administrator can lock your device or your account for you. If you recover your phone and find that the StrongPass App is locked out due to more than 10 invalid attempts, you can unlock your device from your Authomate website account, or ask your team administrator to unlock it for you.

If you replace a lost or stolen phone, all you need to do is scan the Device Recovery QR code that was emailed to you when you registered your StrongPass device. Verify your identity by entering your App passcode (fingerprint or face recognition cannot be used), and all of your credentials will be restored from a secure, encrypted backup.