Authomate technologies for injecting credentials into website login pages involve StrongPass powered browser extensions and add-ons. For applications that require credential injection but aren't web browsers, we have StrongPass AppConnect. AppConnect enables StrongPass capabilities for Outlook, VPN clients, and a host of other Windows based applications that require a user to enter credentials. Using StrongPass AppConnect along with the StrongPass Teams app lets users store their application credentials in the app and log into these applications easily and securely. StrongPass AppConnect is a  TeamsPlus feature. For information on how StrongPass AppConnect works click here.

The following Windows operating systems are supported:

  • 32/64 bit Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 
  • 32/64 bit Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016

The following Apps are currently supported:
  • 7Zip (open source file archiver)  
  • AnyConnect (Cisco's VPN client)  
  • FortiClient (Fortigate's VPN client)  
  • GlobalProtect (Palo Alto’s VPN client)  
  • NetGear (NetGear's VPN client)  
  • NCP (NCP's VPN client)  
  • OneDrive (Microsoft's login to its cloud repository) 
  • Evernote 
  • Outlook (Microsoft's login to Outlook email)
  • Password protected Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel,  etc),
  • Apple Applications iTunes and iCloud
  • Remote Desktop (Microsoft's login to remote computers)  
  • Shrew (open source VPN client)  
  • Windows VPN (Microsoft's VPN client)  
  • Win Network (Microsoft's login to shared folders on other Windows PCs) 
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Generic. The StrongPass Generic Application handler will examine the currently active foreground window for password fields even for applications it does not recognize and open a QR code/Proximity window if it finds one.


AppConnect is an executable that only runs on Windows. You can download and install it using the StrongPass Components for Windows

  • AppConnect is a Startup program. It starts automatically whenever a Windows user signs into their account.
  • AppConnect runs in the background and can be found in the System Tray and is represented by the Authomate icon.

A menu appears when you click on the AppConnect icon:

  • Intro - Opens a screen with a short introduction to AppConnect.
  • Preferences - This lets the user decide where to place the QR code window.
  • Import - Import signature files to add or update supported applications.
  • Proximity Users - This allows you to manage Allowed and Blocked users
  • Apps - The Apps menu item opens a screen showing all of AppConnect's supported applications.
  • About - Version and release information.
  • Exit - AppConnect can be stopped manually. It can be restarted by double-clicking the desktop shortcut.

The Preferences Menu item allows you to select where to display the QRCode/Proximity screen, next to the application or on top of it.

The import menu item is used to install AppConnect signature files that are distributed by Authomate to fix bugs and add support for new Windows applications.

The Manage Proximity Users window lets  you control which StrongPass users can use Proximity with AppConnect. Users that are in the Allowed Users list can use Proximity and users in the Blocked Users list cannot. You can move users between the two lists by clicking to select a user then clicking the right or left arrow to move them.

The Apps menu item opens a screen showing all of AppConnect's supported applications.
  • The apps are displayed alphabetically and each has a checkbox next to it.
  • Checked apps are enabled.
  • Unchecked apps are disabled.
  • Grayed out apps are not available – usually because signature files are missing or have been modified