StrongPass For Teams is Authomate’s Enterprise-level authentication solution. It enables team members, business units or groups to securely authenticate on websites, Windows and Mac applications, Windows computers, and Mac computers. Administrators can optionally grant team members the ability to share credentials without exposing their credentials to theft, and to the vulnerabilities of intentional, unintentional, or unauthorized password sharing.

Sophisticated access controls allow team members to quickly grant credential access to approved users, or to remove access when necessary. Credentials may be shared will full access permissions to delegate responsibility or with restricted access so employees can only use the credentials but not see or modify them. Access controls can include geofencing, date, and time restrictions.

Even though credentials are shared between authorized users, each user is still unique. User actions are logged and tracked individually to ensure that audit requirements are met. Moreover, credential managers can quickly and simply terminate an individual’s access without requiring a system-wide reset of credentials, and yet maintain the highest levels of cost effectiveness, productivity, and authentication security. 

The StrongPass Teams App has built-in support for time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), so two-factor authentication can be added to accounts. The App can generate and save strong passwords for accounts and for password protected documents like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. The Authomate Authentication Server website interface includes a Team Management Dashboard to administer local, Active Directory, and Azure AD users. Automatically rotate Active Directory, Azure AD, and Authomate local user passwords with automatic synchronization to StrongPass Team Apps.

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