StrongPass Proximity Based Authentication enables users to log into their Websites, Mac, PC, and Windows/Mac Applications instantly, no passwords to remember, nothing to type in. The Proximity feature uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on new Macs and PCs to authenticate users seamlessly.

The StrongPass app makes it easy to manage all your account credentials because it remembers all your logins and passwords for you and enters them automatically whenever:

  1. You visit the login page for a web site
  2. You boot your computer, or wake it up from sleep and the login page is displayed
  3. You need to authenticate to a Windows application

If you take any of the actions above, the StrongPass app on your phone (IOS or Android) will automatically find the credentials and ask you if you want to log in. Just tap YES on your phone, and StrongPass does it for you!

Proximity requires Bluetooth 4.0 support. Most Macs built after 2013 support this capability. Any new Windows 10 machine with Bluetooth 4.0 support will work as well. If your machine does not have Bluetooth 4.0, proximity will also work with a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. The proximity feature uses highly efficient Bluetooth Low Energy and will not drain your phone battery.


  1. The proximity feature is only supported on mobile devices and Windows computers that are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE).
  2. Proximity is only supported on Windows 10 version 1809 or greater.
  3. To verify if your Windows machine supports BLE, click here.
  4. To install the Windows StrongPass Agent click here.
  5. To install the MAC StrongPass Agent click here.
  6. To get started with Proximity once the Agent is installed, please click here.