StrongPass PC Logon for Windows extends StrongPass technology into the realm of Microsoft Windows account access. With StrongPass PC Logon for Windows installed, a user can log into or change their account password on a Windows computer by scanning a QR code at the logon desktop or by using the Proximity feature. The logon desktop is presented to the user either upon:

  • Signing in a user after booting the Windows OS, after signing out, or after locking the PC.   
  • Switching users     
  • Unlocking a locked user 
  • Change password option after ctl-alt-del.

StrongPass PC Logon can be used with or without internet access as long as both your computer and phone support the Proximity feature using Bluetooth LE. If your computer or phone do not support Proximity, then internet access is required. 

PC Logon is a TeamPlus feature. For more information on how to log into your computer with StrongPass PC Logon for Windows, click here.

StrongPass PC Logon Feature highlights:

Operating Systems Supported: 
  • 32/64-bit Windows OS 7, 8.1, and 10, 11 
  • 32/64-bit Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016. and 2019 

During the installation of StrongPass Components you can press the Options button and click the checkbox for "Show the StrongPass tile by default upon initial display of the logon screen". If the box is checked, the "StrongPass PC logon" tile will be displayed automatically on the logon screen without having to select from a list of logon tiles. If left unchecked, you will be presented with a series of logon tiles (one of which will be the Authomate tile, "StrongPass PC logon") on the logon screen. You must then select one with a mouse click to log in. Also if the box is not checked, you will not be able to use StrongPass to change your password from the ctl-alt-del options menu.

Log into your machine by scanning a QR code or using the Proximity feature on any Windows machines that support Bluetooth 4.0 or greater (BLE).

The Manage Proximity Users for PC Logon window lets you control which StrongPass users can use Proximity with  PC Logon.  Users that are in the Allowed Users list can use Proximity and users in the Blocked Users list cannot. You can move users between the two lists by clicking to select a user, then clicking the right or left arrow to move them.

The Manage Proximity window can be launched by clicking the icon placed on the desktop during  PC Logon installation.


Use the StrongPass Teams App to unlock your Windows PC:
  • With local user accounts
  • With Azure accounts
  • With domain accounts by entering domain\userId in the StrongPass Teams App
  • With Proximity if the StrongPass Teams App or the PC are offline (no internet access)
You can use StrongPass PC Logon to change a Windows local user password or the password of a domain user with the change password option after ctl-alt-del.