The StrongPass App has two modes of operation: Online and Offline. When internet access is available, the StrongPass App operates in Online Mode with full functionality.  If internet access is not available, for example if your phone is in Airplane Mode during a flight, you can still use StrongPass with limited functionality in Offline Mode. To use the StrongPass App in Offline Mode with your computer, they both need to support Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth must be enabled.

Important note for older Android phones: To use StrongPass in Offline mode on older Android phones, unlock the App one time while internet is available and leave the App and the phone running. You will be able to unlock the App without internet as long as you do not kill the App or restart your phone. If you restart the phone or the App when there is no internet access, you will not be able to use StrongPass until internet access is restored. There are no restrictions on iOS and newer Android phones. Offline mode can be used on these phone regardless of whether the phone or App are restarted.

Offline Mode Icons

When internet access is not available, the App will automatically switch to Offline Mode and display a red icon. When internet is restored, the App will prompt you to switch back to Online Mode which will require you to enter your passcode/gesture to authenticate with the Authomate server. If you decline, you will see an orange icon. You can click the icon at any time to switch to Online Mode.

Red Icon

Offline Mode - Internet not available

Orange Icon
Offline Mode - Internet restored

Offline Mode Functionality

The most important StrongPass features such as logging into websites are available in Offline Mode, but features that require interactions with the Authomate server are not. A warning will be displayed if you try to use a feature that is not allowed.

Not Allowed
  • Log into websites while App is in OffLine Mode and PC is online
  • Log into applications on Windows or Mac with StrongPass AppConnect while App is in Offline Mode and computer is online or offline  
  • Log into your computer with StrongPass PC Logon or Mac Logon while App is in Offline Mode and computer is online or offline
  • Create new sites and secure notes
  • Add accounts to existing sites
  • Modify existing sites and secure notes that are not shared
  • AutoFill credentials stored in StrongPass to other apps on your phone

The App is unable to backup any changes you make while in Offline Mode. As soon as the App returns to Online Mode (unlocking the App after internet access is restored), the App will perform a complete backup to the server.
  • Log in using accounts shared with you that have Location, Time, or Date restrictions
  • Share accounts or secure notes
  • Modify accounts or secure notes that are shared
  • Delete accounts or secure notes that are shared
  • Change your lock screen passcode/gesture

Offline Mode Security

The StrongPass App will disable itself after three failed passcode attempts in Offline Mode. You will not be able to unlock the App, even with the correct passcode, until internet access is available. This protects the credentials stored in your App until StrongPass can securely authenticate with the Authomate server.

All offline login activity is cached locally and persistently in the App. Login records are sent to the server as soon as the App returns to Online Mode and are viewable on your website account in the Activity Log.