There are 3 options for the type of passcode you can select to lock your StrongPass App:

6-Digit Numeric - The default passcode type is a simple 6 digit numeric pin code.

Custom Alphanumeric - This option is the most secure since you can create long, complex passwords containing a mix of characters. This passcode must be at least 5 characters long.

Swipe Pattern - This option allows you to select a pattern gesture that consists of at least 5 characters and at least 3 swipes. You must lift your finger between swipes. 

If your phone is equipped with biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition technology, you can use your fingerprint or face to automatically enter your passcode to unlock your App. For enhanced security, some operations such as recovering a forgotten website password or restoring credentials from a backup require you to manually enter your passcode rather than use biometrics.

What is Keep Unlocked?

The Keep Unlocked option is a convenience feature that keeps your app unlocked after you successfully enter your passcode one time. The app will remain unlocked until you manually lock it by clicking on the lock icon in the upper right corner. It is enabled with a switch on the lock screen or in the app settings. Although it is convenient to access your app without having to unlock it every time, this feature should be used with caution because if you lose your phone, your credentials can be stolen by anyone that finds your phone if they are able to unlock your device. You can only enable this feature if your device is secured with some type of lock screen.

Consider enabling biometrics to unlock the app instead of using  Keep Unlocked. Biometric unlock is more secure and often is as easy to use.