StrongPass Personal is an easy to use password manager for individual users to help maintain their credentials. Stronger security doesn’t have to mean harder to use. StrongPass Personal has a radically different approach to authentication that uses your smartphone and the mobile or WIFI network. Our solution is a unique blend of stronger security and ease of use that only requires users to remember a single passcode/gesture instead of dozens or hundreds of login/password combinations.


Authomate’s StrongPass technology embraces multi-factor authentication that includes location, presence and persistence. StrongPass makes secure access easy, with instant authentication by proximity (having your smartphone nearby) or by scanning a one-time QR Code. StrongPass brings hassle-free, secure access solutions to both enterprises and consumers alike.

In addition to the above, StrongPass Personal helps you with:

  • Managing and using all your credentials easily through the intuitive app.
  • Securing strong passwords for all sites
  • Mitigating authentication security vulnerabilities exploited by hackers and other malicious persons.
  • Knowing that your credentials are always with you, stored safely and securely on your smartphone.

By enabling strong authentication along with easy access to all applicable sites (both locally and in the cloud) users will achieve the goals of improved user efficiency, more hardened security, and decreased risk factors of compromising user credentials. See more on how StrongPass works here.