Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds a second category of authentication credentials to an account login to make your account more secure. When you enter only a username and password, that's considered a single-factor authentication. 2FA requires an additional piece of information such as a code from a token generator or one-time-password sent via email or text message. Support for two-factor authentication using RFC 6238 TOTP or RSA SecurID is built into the StrongPass App.

StrongPass 2FA works with TOTP implementations such as RADIUS servers configured for TOTP or sites that use Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator like Facebook, Dropbox, and WordPress. In addition, with StrongPass Teams you can share your 2FA credentials with other team members, optionally adding geofencing, date, and time restrictions. To learn how to use StrongPass 2FA with TOTP click here.
StrongPass 2FA allows you to add an RSA SecurID Software Token to accounts that use RSA SecurID authentication. Simply email your software token (.sdtid file) to your phone and import it into your StrongPass App. StrongPass eliminates the need to carry around a physical token. Just use your phone to log in! For more information on StrongPass and RSA click here.