Yes, you can! A typical user has at least 20-25 online accounts and potentially a lot more. With so many accounts, manually adding credentials to a smartphone app can be challenging. With Authomate StrongPass, we make adding logins/passwords for multiple accounts fast and simple.  

Authomate allows you to import a list of login credentials from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file on your PC into your StrongPass App. The CSV file must have one line for each account, with fields separated by comma or tab. 

Each line may contain any number of fields, but Authomate only requires Login, Password, and Website (the web site host name , e.g., Account Name and Comments fields are optional and can also be imported.

For your security, imported credentials are encrypted before being transferred from the browser to the app. The next time you log in to your app, the credentials are decrypted and imported. A summary of the accounts and whether they were imported successfully or not is displayed after the import completes.

Please click here to follow the procedure on how to use the wizard to import your credentials.