StrongPass AppConnect periodically polls the windows on the desktop for applications of interest. If the user starts one of them, like Palo Alto's GlobalProtect client, AppConnect recognizes it and puts up a QR code or Proximity window next to it. After the user scans the QR code with the StrongPass Teams App or the equivalent data is passed to the App with Bluetooth, credentials are passed to AppConnect and populated in the application's user/password fields, and the Connect button is "pressed". The StrongPass window closes automatically when the login window of the application of interest closes or gets minimized. Windows application credentials used with AppConnect are stored under Applications in the StrongPass App. For an overview of StrongPass AppConnect, click here

To get started with StrongPass AppConnect you must first install AppConnect. Once installed, follow the simple steps below:

In this example we will demonstrate how AppConnect can connect a VPN tunnel using Palo Alto's GlobalProtect client. Once the client is launched AppConnect puts a QR code window next to GlobalProtect's panel.

Enter the Portal IP Address/URL you will use to  establish the tunnel.

Unlock the StrongPass App on the phone by using your App passcode/gesture and then press the “Scan Now” button on the App to scan the QR Code.

If your PC supports Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), the App will prompt you to enable Proximity between the App and AppConnect, limited to the particular PC where AppConnect is running. This relationship will be added to the Trusted device list on your phone with a status of “Trusted” if you select “Yes”, or “Blocked” if you select “No”. If the PC is listed as “Blocked”, Proximity will not be used and going forward you will need to scan the Authomate QR code instead.

The App will prompt you to add a new Application credential. The App will also automatically add the application name. You need to enter the credentials. Once you save the credentials (by clicking Next), the App will initiate the authentication process.

If you chose Yes on the App, AppConnect will ask you if this App user should be permitted to use Proximity. The StrongPass user will be added to an "Allowed User" list under the "Managed Proximity Users". If you select No, StrongPass user will be added to a "Blocked Users" list and this user will need to scan the Authomate QR code instead.

These questions won’t be asked again on subsequent uses of AppConnect, unless and until AppConnect is uninstalled/reinstalled, installed on another PC, or another App user starts to use AppConnect.

Select "Yes' to pair the user.

If you have entered the credentials successfully, AppConnect will automatically authenticate you to your portal.

The videos below show how easy it is to use StrongPass with AppConnect with Proximity/QR Code scanning to provide credentials to applications:

AppConnect using QR Code

AppConnect with Proximity