When you create a new account on a new website, you are typically presented with a screen that contains fields for your name, your email, your password, a password confirmation, and sometimes other things like security questions. You can use your StrongPass App to generate a strong password for your new account and automatically add the new account to your App with the Authomate Browser Extension.

1) To demonstrate the creation of a new account, let's use PayPal and navigate to the sign up page. Populate the required pertinent information but not the password fields. Click on the Authomate icon at the top of your browser.

2) Select the Login/New Site option on the pop up window, then open your StrongPass App.

3) If you have proximity enabled, you will see the Unknown Site prompt on your StrongPass App. If you don't see the prompt, tap on the Scan Now button, scan the QR Code on the extension, and the prompt will be displayed. Tap on the "Add New" button.

4) Check that the Login ID that you entered on the website was copied to the App correctly. The App automatically generates a strong password for your new account. You can use the slider to change the length of the password and/or click the switch to include special characters. If you prefer, you can clear the field and enter your own password manually. Once you are satisfied with the password, tap on the Next button.

5) The Create and Confirm password fields on the website are automatically populated with your strong password and your new account is saved in the App. You can now complete the sign up process on the PayPal site.