Your Authomate website account includes the Export Accounts Wizard which you can use to safely export all of the accounts stored in your StrongPass App to an encrypted, password-protected file on your computer.

1) Log into your Authomate website account from the sign in pageClick on the menu icon on the My Profile tab and select Export Accounts.

2) The StrongPass export file contains 7 fields. You can select the order of the fields and whether you want a comma or tab separating the field values. 

Note: the field delimiter you select cannot appear in the value of any field.

3) Open your StrongPass App and scan the export QR Code. Do NOT click "Next" until your App has finished the export.

4) The StrongPass App will export your accounts to an encrypted zip file protected by a password of your choice. Create a password and click "Continue". When the export is complete, return to the Export Accounts Wizard on the Authomate website and click "Next" to download the file to your computer. If your browser does not prompt you to select a download location, check your computer's "Downloads" folder or look at your browser settings to see where the default download location is.

Important Note: To open the export file you will need a zip file tool that supports password-protected files. There are several free tools available including 7-zip for Windows and Extractor for Mac. When you extract the file with one of these tools, you will be prompted for a password. Use the password that you created in the StrongPass App during the export process.