StrongPass For Teams allows account owners to share access to any of their accounts with any team member. An overview of the benefits can be found Here.

The example below demonstrates the steps for sharing an account. It doesn’t matter if one user has Android and another has iOS, account sharing works seamlessly between any team members.

1) Select the account you want to share

You can share website, computer, and application accounts as well as secure notes. For example, to share a website account, click on the Sites icon, select the website from the list, then click on the share icon for the account you want to share.

2) Set up your Team Contacts List

If you want to share account access with members of your team, they need to be in your contacts list. If you have not already set up your contacts list, just click on the “+” button, select contacts from the list, then click on the “ADD” button. 

3) Share the Apple account with restricted access

You can share an account with one or more team members and give them full or use only access.

Full Access - Users with Full Access can modify, delete, and share the account with others

Use Only - Users with Use Only access cannot see the password and cannot modify, delete, or share the account with others. You can also add restrictions on when and where the account may be used.

Let's give Sam temporary access to the  Apple Account for the month of January and only grant permission for him to use the account while he is at work on Wall Street from 9 to 5 on Monday through Friday.

Select Sam from the list of contacts and press "NEXT". With Use Only permission selected, click on the Location icon then scroll the map to his work location. You can also type the address and press the search button to move the Location Pin to the desired address. The default geofence is 1000 meters around the specified address. You can change this with the slider. Click on the Time and Date icons to set the other restrictions.

When you are finished setting the account restrictions, click the "SHARE" button.

Before the share, iOS user Sam had 52 sites stored in his app and he did not have Apple in his websites list. When the share is received, the mail envelope notification icon appears in the upper left corner of the app. Tapping on the mail envelope icon shows the  share details. Sam now has 53 sites and there is an apple site in the list of websites. Tapping on the apple site shows who shared the account and the account restrictions.

4) Share an account with full access

AD is a new full time App administrator. Let's give AD full access to the Apple Account. 

Click on the share icon for the Apple account. Click the Plus button to add a user to the already shared account. Select AD from the list of contacts and press "NEXT". Select Full Access permission, then click the "SHARE" button.