If your company uses the JumpCloud directory platform, you can use StrongPass to log into your account. Here is an example that shows a Mac user with TOTP Multi-Factor Authentication enabled on their account.

Add Your JumpCloud Account to StrongPass

1) Go to the JumpCloud website login page and follow the steps described here to add your account to the StrongPass App as a website.

2) If you would like to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on your account, refer to the JumpCloud User Guide. You will use StrongPass as your TOTP App. An example of how to add Two-Factor Authentication to an account stored in StrongPass is available here

3) Once you have added JumpCloud as a website account and your administrator has configured JumpCloud on your  Mac, you are ready to link your account to log into your computer. Lock your screen and StrongPass AppConnect will display a QR Code pop-up.

4) Open your StrongPass App and follow the steps illustrated here that describe how to link an existing website account to log into another application. In this case you will search for and link your JumpCloud website account. If you complete the process within 60 seconds, StrongPass will populate and submit your credentials, including your 2FA token value, in the Mac sign in fields. If the pop-up has timed out, click on the pop-up to try again.

5) You can manage your linked accounts in your App Settings under "Linked Accounts".

Log Into Your Mac With StrongPass

Here is an example of how to log into your Mac using the JumpCloud account previously saved in your StrongPass App.

1) When your Mac is locked, StrongPass will display a QR Code pop-up.

2) Open your StrongPass App. If Proximity is configured, a prompt will be displayed showing the linked account. If you are not using Proximity, scan the QR Code. Select your JumpCloud account and StrongPass will populate and submit your credentials, including your 2FA token value, in the Mac sign in fields

Change Your JumpCloud Password WithStrongPass

1) Click on the JumpCloud icon, then click on "reset password".

2) StrongPass will display a QR Code on your computer.

3) Open your StrongPass App and you will see the Change Password prompt. If you do not see the prompt, scan the QR Code. Click to select your JumpCloud account. The StrongPass App automatically generates a new strong password. You can use the slider to change the length of the password and/or click on the switch to include special characters. If you prefer, you can clear the field and enter your own password manually. Once you are satisfied with the password, tap on the "Save" button and StrongPass will automatically populate the password fields on your Mac.

4) Click the "save" button on your Mac to complete the process.

What if the Mac rejects my new password?

If the Mac rejects your new password, you can revert back to your previous password in the StrongPass App. Click here for an example of how to revert to a previous password. In this case, since your Mac is linked to your JumpCloud website account, you would click on your JumpCloud account under Sites to edit your account.