Sometimes you may have more than one account on a website, computer, or application. StrongPass makes managing multiple accounts easy. The steps below show an example of how to add an account to an existing site by typing the account information into your App. 

For websites, another easy way to add an account is to go to the website login page, enter your user name and password, then import the fields into your App as described here.

Adding An Account To An Existing Site

To add another account to an existing website, computer, or application, simply select the existing site and press the "+" (add account) button. Here is an example of adding a second Gmail account.

1) Open your StrongPass App and click on the Sites icon. Select the website from the Websites page.

2) Click on the "+" button to add a new account.

3) Enter your new account info then click "Save". Your new account is now ready to use.