Follow the steps below to change your Mac password with StrongPass.

1) Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.

2) Click on Users & Groups.

3) Click on Change Password.

4) StrongPass will display a QR Code on your computer. 

5) Open your StrongPass App and you will see the Change Password prompt. If you do not see the prompt, scan the QR Code. The StrongPass App automatically generates a new strong password. You can use the slider to change the length of the password and/or click on the switch to include special characters. If you prefer, you can clear the field and enter your own password manually. Once you are satisfied with the password, tap on the "Save" button and StrongPass will automatically populate the password fields on your Mac.


6) Click the Change Password button on your Mac to complete the process.

What if the Mac rejects my new password?

If the Mac rejects your new password, you can revert back to your previous password in the StrongPass App. Click here for an example of how to revert to a previous password. That example is for websites. For this case, you would click on the Computers icon instead of the Sites icon to edit the account for your Mac.