With most password managers, keeping the credentials in sync is cumbersome. Authomate has simplified this process. To change the password for an existing online account, open the website in your browser and go to the change password page for that site. Let's use Facebook as an example.

You will notice the Authomate Change Password icon is active on the toolbar. Click on the icon.

Open your StrongPass App. If Proximity is enabled, you will see the Change Password prompt. If you are not using Proximity, press the "Scan Now" button on the App and scan the QR Code. Both scenarios are illustrated below. 

The StrongPass App automatically generates a new strong password. You can use the slider to change the length of the password and/or click on the switch to include special characters. If you prefer, you can clear the field and enter your own password manually. Once you are satisfied with the password, tap on the "Save" button.

After the browser extension automatically populates the new password fields in the browser, press the Submit/Save Changes button to make sure the website accepts your new password.

If the new password is accepted, you're done! 

What if the website rejects my new password?

If the website rejects your new password, you can revert back to your previous password in the StrongPass App. Click on Sites, then select the website from your list of websites.

Click on the pencil button to edit the account, then click on the back arrow button to revert to the previous password.

Click on "Yes" to restore the previous password, then click on "Save".