Follow these steps to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your Authomate website account:

1) Log into your Authomate website account from the sign in pageClick on the menu icon on the My Profile tab and select Activate 2FA Token.

2) Open your StrongPass App and click on the Sites icon. Select the Authomate website and edit your account.

3) Click the switch to enable 2FA for this account.


4) Scan the QR code, then enter the token value displayed on the App into the "Token value" field on the website. Click "Confirm" to activate the token for your account.

5) Click the "Save" button to update your account on the App. You will now see token information in the website details page. On iOS you can also see the current token value. To display the token value on Android, click the "Show" button.

6) Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled for your account. The next time you log into your website account, the StrongPass App will automatically populate the login, password, and token fields on the sign in page.