Many websites offer the option of adding two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve the security of your account. If they offer a One Time Password/Authenticator App option, you can use StrongPass as your Authenticator App. Support for RFC 6238 TOTP is built into the StrongPass App. 

1) If the account is not already stored in your StrongPass App, add it.

2) Log into the website and select the OTP/Authenticator App option in your account security settings. This page will display a QR Code for you to scan and a field for you to enter the current OTP value generated by your app.

3) Open your StrongPass App and click on the Sites icon. Select the website and edit your account.

4) Tap the switch to enable 2FA for this account and tap on "Continue."

5) Scan the QR code and StrongPass will automatically save the 2FA token seed into StrongPass, Then enter the token value displayed on the App into the OTP field on the website. Notice that the token value changes when the countdown timer expires. Be careful to enter and submit a token value before it expires, otherwise it may be rejected. Follow any additional instructions on the website to complete the activation.

6) Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled for the account. The next time you log into that website, the StrongPass App will automatically populate the login, password, and token fields during sign in.