Here is an example of how to import an RSA SecurID software token (.SDTID file) into StrongPass for 2FA authentication with a Global Protect VPN Client account:

1) Your Global Protect account must first be created on the StrongPass Teams App. For information on how to add a Global Protect account to the App, click here. Enter your selected RSA token PIN in the password field for the account.

2) Open the email with the RSA token on your phone. Tap on the token attachment and select StrongPass Teams as the app to open the file.

3) Click on the Applications tab and select your Global Protect account from the list. If your token is password protected, enter the password at the prompt.

4) Tap and select “Append to Password” to append the timed based token code to the user selected PIN, then tap on “Save” to save the imported token.