When you visit a website where you already have an account, there is an easy way to add this account to your StrongPass App. Here's an example using Dropbox.

1) Navigate to the Dropbox sign in page. Enter your Dropbox user name and password, then click on the Authomate icon at the top of your browser.

2) Select the Import From Page option on the pop up window, then open your StrongPass App. 

3) If Proximity is enabled, the App will prompt to identify the Authomate user account that is importing the new credentials. Click "Yes" to import your new Dropbox account. If you are not using Proximity, press the "Scan Now" button on the App to scan the QR Code to import the Dropbox account. Both scenarios are illustrated below.

4) When the Proximity prompt is acknowledged or QR code is scanned, the extension displays an "Import Complete" screen indicating the credentials have been successfully imported and sent your StrongPass App. 

5) If your StrongPass App is open, you will see a notification in the upper left corner in a few minutes when the account has been received by the App. You can also lock and unlock your App to refresh the App to receive it right away.