This article will show an example of how to import an RSA SecurID Token file into StrongPass using a Global Protect account for 2FA authentication. To import a standard software token distribution file (.SDTID file), perform the following steps:

The user account must first be created within the StrongPass Teams app. For information on how to create an AppConnect account for Global Protect, please click here. Enter the user selected PIN in the password field for the account.

Email the “.SDTID” file to the user’s device (iOS/Android). Open the email on the device. Tap on the file to continue.

Select the StrongPass Teams app to import the token file.

Select the appropriate component to associate with the saved login. This example demonstrates Applications.

Select the application to import the token file. This example is using Palo Alto’s Global Protect VPN client.

Enter the password if the Token file is password protected.

Tap and select “Append to Password” to append the Timed based Token Code to the user selected PIN.
Tap on “Save” to save the imported token.