With StrongPass Mac Logon installed, a user can log into his/her account on a Mac computer by scanning a QR code at the logon desktop.  if you have a PC that supports Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy), you can use StrongPass Proximity to unlock your computer.

To get started you must first install StrongPass Mac Logon. Once installed follow the simple steps below:

Lock your computer to present the Mac login screen. If your screen is locked, you have to click the switch users button and select your login id again to log in. Click to select a user if you have more than one user.

The StrongPass Mac Logon QR Code is presented.

Open the StrongPass app on the phone by using your app passcode/gesture and then press the “Scan Now” button on the app to scan the QR Code.

If your Mac supports Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy), the App will prompt you to enable StrongPass Mac Logon to be used with Proximity.  The Mac will be added to the Trusted device list on your phone with a status of “Trusted” if you select “Yes” or “Blocked” if you select “No”. Mac 's that are listed as “Trusted” will use Proximity the next time you attempt to login to your Mac.

If Mac is listed as “Blocked”, Proximity will not be used and you will need to scan the Authomate QR code to login to your Mac

The app will automatically add the computer name and prompt you to add a new Computer credential. You need to enter the credentials. Once you save the credentials (by clicking Next), the app will initiate the login process.

If you have entered the credentials successfully, StrongPass Mac Logon will automatically log you in to your computer.

The next time you are at the login screen, StrongPass Mac Logon will send a Bluetooth message to your app. The app will display a proximity confirmation to log in without having to scan the QRcode.