The Authomate web portal accounts can be enabled to use two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging in to the web portal using your  StrongPass TOTP compliant 2FA Token app. To enable 2FA follow these steps:

1. Log into your Authomate account and select "ACTIVATE 2FA TOKEN" menu item under "MY PROFILE" as shown below.

2. The "Activate 2FA Login Token" screen with a Barcode is presented as indicated below that will need to be scanned by the StrongPass app.

3.  Log into the StrongPass Team app using the passcode/gesture and select "Sites." Tap the "Authomate" site to select it.

4. From the "SITE DETAILS" screen select the account to present the "OPEN/EDIT/SHARE" menu.


5. Click the "EDIT" menu item.

6. Enable 2FA for the account by tapping on the "OFF" button to toggle it to "ON" below.

7. Confirm the enabling of 2FA by clicking on "Continue" as indicated below.

8. The camera of your Phone will be activated, Scan the QR Code presented in Step 2 above.

9. Enter the verification code generated as a result of scanning the QR Code as indicated below. Click on the "CONFIRM" button. NOTE: Save the 2FA change in the app immediately as described in the next step, before the app locks, so you don’t lose the configuration change. 

10. Click the "SAVE" button to save the changes on the App. 

11. The Authomate account is now activated for 2FA and the App is now the primary recipient for all 2FA codes for the Authomate account.