This article will show an example of how to use StrongPass 2FA with Google's multi-factor verification. To learn how turn on multi-factor verification for your Google account please click here. Once this is done we will activate 2FA using your App for the Google account stored on the StrongPass App. Follow these steps to enable StrongPass 2FA for your Google account:

1. Log into your Google account here to configure a mobile (StrongPass) app as the primary way to receive the codes. Click on the "Switch to app" button as indicated below.

2. Select the phone type below. In our example we are selecting an IPhone.

3. A Barcode is presented as indicated below that will need to be scanned by the StrongPass app.

4. Log into the StrongPass Team app using the passcode/gesture and select "Sites."  Tap the "Google" site below to select it and the "SITE DETAILS" screen will be presented.

5. Select the Google account you want to enable 2FA by tapping on it. The "OPEN/SHARE/EDIT" menu will be presented.


6. Select the "Edit" menu below

7. Enable 2FA for the account selected by swiping the switch to the right.

8. Confirm the enabling of 2FA by clicking on "Continue" as indicated below.

9. The camera of your Phone will be activated, Scan the QR Code presented in Step 3. 

10. Enter the verification code generated as a result of scanning the QR Code as indicated below. Click on the "Verify and Save" button.

11. Click OK" below to dismiss the confirmation page.

12. Click the "SAVE" button on the app to accept the activation of 2FA and to save the changes.

13. The Gmail account is now activated for 2FA and the App is now the primary recipient  for all 2FA codes for the Gmail account.