Authomate provides easy to use utilities to import your existing user names and passwords into your StrongPass App. For your security, imported credentials are encrypted before being transferred from your computer to the App. Your credentials will be decrypted and imported into your App the next time you log in, or within a few minutes if you are already logged in. 

Import from Browser (Windows)

1) Click on the Windows icon in the lower left of your screen and expand the list of All Apps. Select the Import Utility under Authomate StrongPass.

2) The Import Utility will display a QR Code as shown below. Open the StrongPass App on your phone. If you have previously paired your App with this computer, a Proximity request will automatically be displayed on your App to log into If you do not see this request, press the Scan button on your App and scan the QR code.

3) The Import Utility will look for saved passwords in the browsers on your computer and display a summary. Some browsers may require you to enter a password to access saved passwords. Select the browsers you want to import from, then press the Import Passwords button. A completion message will be displayed when the import utility is done. 

4) If your StrongPass App is open, you will see a notification in the upper left corner in a few minutes when the accounts have been received by the App. You can also lock and unlock your App to see them right away.


Reviewing Import Summary Details

To see the details of the import, log into your Authomate website account from the sign in page and display the Activity Log.

Click on Show Details to see the status of all of the accounts that were imported.

The details summary includes color coded icons to help you review the status of each account. The icons are described below.

New: A new account was added to an existing site, or a new site plus account was added.
Failed: Import can fail if an account field is missing.
Updated: Imported account field values are different and an existing account on the App has been updated with new values.
Same: Imported account field values are the same as an existing account on the App.
IgnoredImported account field values are different but user has selected not to replace existing accounts. Imported accounts will also be ignored if it includes a 2FA token, or if it is a Computer or Application account and that feature is not enabled for your team.