Many phones have a feature called AutoFill that allows you to save logins and passwords on your phone, then populate them in apps requesting authentication or website login pages that you open in a browser app such as Safari or Chrome. Choose StrongPass as your AutoFill password manager!

When AutoFill is enabled, any time an app requests authentication or you visit a website login page in a browser app, your phone will automatically give you the option to retrieve credentials you have previously saved in StrongPass, or save new credentials for a new site.

How To Enable AutoFill on iOS

Go to Settings and click on Passwords & Accounts. Select AutoFill Passwords, then turn on the feature by tapping on the switch. Click on StrongPass to make it available as an AutoFill password manager.

How To Enable Autofill on Android

Select Autofill in the App Settings.

Click on the Go To Settings button which takes you to the Autofill service page in your phone settings. Select StrongPass in the list to configure StrongPass as your Autofill password manager.