Once your Team Administrator has signed up for StrongPass and created a team, you will receive a welcome email to join the team. Follow the instructions in the email to download the app and activate your account. Then follow the steps to prepare your desktop by installing the StrongPass Components and pairing your phone and desktop. 

How To Get the StrongPass Teams App

The StrongPass Teams App is available for iOS and Android. Search for "StrongPass Teams" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Links are provided in your welcome email.

How To Register Your Phone

When you install the StrongPass Teams App you are presented with a series of Welcome screens. Swipe left for an overview of app features. 

There are two ways to register your device. You can enter the activation code or scan the QR Code provided in your welcome email. 

To register with the Activation Code, click the "Enter Activation Code" button then copy & paste or type the activation code into the app. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click the "Continue" button. If you are an Active Directory (AD) user, you will be prompted to enter your AD password. Enter your password and click the "Continue" button.

To register with the QR Code, click the "Scan QR Code from Email" button then scan the QR Code in your welcome email with the app. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you are an Active Directory (AD) user, you will be prompted to enter your AD password. When you are finished, click the "Continue" button.

Next you will be prompted to enter and confirm a 6-Digit Numeric passcode to unlock your StrongPass App. If you prefer to use an alphanumeric password or swipe pattern for your passcode, click on "Passcode Options" to select one of these options.

Once the device is registered, you will be prompted to email your Recovery QR Code. The Recovery QR Code is used to restore your app data if you lose or replace your phone. The Recovery QR Code should be secured and kept safe. Click "Continue" to open your email app to send the Recovery QR Code.

If fingerprint or facial recognition biometrics are available on your device, you will be prompted to Unlock your StrongPass app with biometrics. Select Yes or No.

Swipe left to view information screens highlighting capabilities of your StrongPass app. They include how to import accounts into the app and how to enable the AutoFill feature. When you reach the last information screen click "Start Using StrongPass" to finish the activation of your account.

The StrongPass Teams app is now ready for use. StrongPass generates a strong password for your Authomate website account unless you are an Active Directory user, in which case StrongPass uses your Active Directory password. Your Authomate account is automatically saved in the app so you can easily log into the Authomate website with StrongPass.

You will receive a StrongPass Teams Registration Complete email that contains information including your Team Name,  Login ID, and support email address. Save this email for future reference.

To learn more about how to use the StrongPass Teams app, click here.

If you are the Team Administrator that created the team, you can now log into your Authomate website account and invite users to join your team.