Team Administrator
Sign up here to create a new team. Authomate will approve your request to create a new Team account within 24 hours. After approval, you will receive a verification email from Authomate that will contain a link for you to click to verify the new account creation.. Once your team is created you can invite users to join the team. 

Team Members
Your Team Administrator will send you an email invitation to join the team. 

Welcome Email and App Download
Your welcome email will have a QR Code and a registration file attachment which are used to register your SmartPhone. We currently support IOS and Android Platforms for the StrongPass Teams app. 

Links to download the app and browser extensions are available here.

Register Your SmartPhone (Team App)

Download and install the StrongPass Teams App.

There are two ways to register your device. If you are reading the welcome email on a PC, scan the QR Code in the email by launching the StrongPass Teams App and clicking on the Scan Now button.

If you are reading the welcome email on your phone, tap on the attached "QRCode.strongpass-registration” file.  Depending on the type of phone, either the StrongPass Teams App will launch automatically, or you will be prompted to select an app to open the attachment. If prompted, select the "Copy to StrongPass" icon.

Click here for instructions on how to re-register after upgrading to a new device, replacing a lost device, or uninstalling/re-installing the StrongPass Teams app.

If you are the team administrator that created the account at Authomate, your Team Name, Team Domain, and email address will be pre-populated. These are the values you specified when you created the account. You need to enter the same password that you chose when you created the account.
If you have been invited by your team administrator to join a team, your Team Name, Team Domain, and email address will be pre-populated. These are what the administrator selected at the time of inviting you to the team. Enter and confirm the password you will use to access your Authomate website account. If you have been re-invited, you only have to enter your existing password once. 

You must read and accept to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy before continuing.

Click "NEXT" to continue.

This screen discusses the gesture/passcode needed to unlock StrongPass Teams. Click NEXT to select the device passcode/gesture. Once you Confirm your passcode/gesture this will complete the device registration.

Once the device is registered, you will be prompted to email your recovery key. The recovery key is used to restore your app data if you lose or replace your smartphone. The recovery key should be secured and kept safe.

Click "Next" to send the recovery key.

After sending the recovery key, StrongPass automatically adds your Authomate account under Sites so you can easily log into the website with the app.

The StrongPass Teams app is now ready for use. To learn more on how to use the app click here.