Authomate provides easy to use utilities to import your existing user names and passwords into your StrongPass App. For your security, imported credentials are encrypted before being transferred from your computer to the App. Your credentials will be decrypted and imported into your App the next time you log in, or within a few minutes if you are already logged in. 

Import from File 

1) Log into your Authomate website account from the sign in pageClick on the menu icon on the My Profile tab and select Import Passwords.

2) Using the Import Passwords Wizard you can import accounts from a file that you have created or exported from another application. An import file must include the Website, Login, and Password for each account. It is OK if the file contains other fields. You can select which columns to import and label them to identify which field value is in each column. If a line in your import file contains more than 7 fields you will get a warning message that the import wizard will only process the first 7 fields per line.

File Import Options

Field Delimiter - The fields in your file must be delimited by a comma or tab. Select the delimiter used by your file. Note: the field delimiter cannot appear in the value of any field.

How to handle accounts already in the App - If an account in the import file already exists in the App, select YES if you would like to overwrite the account in the App with the account information in the file, otherwise select NO to ignore the account in the file and keep the existing App account.

3) Select a file for import and the wizard will display a preview of the file contents. Select which columns to import by choosing a label to identify what field should be imported from that column. To ignore a column simply leave the label blank. If the wizard recognizes any potential problems it will highlight a field in yellow. Hover over the yellow field with your mouse to view the warning message. If the first line of your import file is a column header, select YES to skip the first line.

Importing an Authomate Export File

The Token and Category field column labels are only used if you import an export file that was created by a StrongPass Teams App. The Authomate export file may contain accounts for Websites, Computers, and Applications and some accounts may include 2FA tokens. The first line of the Authomate export file is a column header which identifies the fields so the Import Passwords Wizard will automatically populate the column labels and skip the first line.

4) After all of your accounts have been processed, a completion window will be displayed. If your StrongPass App is open, you will see a notification in the upper left corner in a few minutes when the accounts have been received by the App. You can also lock and unlock your App to see them right away.

Reviewing Import Summary Details

To see more details about the import, display the Activity Log on your website account. 

Click on Show Details to see the status of all of the accounts that were imported.

The details summary includes color coded icons to help you review the status of each account. The icons are described below.

New: A new account was added to an existing site, or a new site plus account was added.
Failed: Import can fail if an account field is missing.
Updated: Imported account field values are different and an existing account on the App has been updated with new values.
Same: Imported account field values are the same as an existing account on the App.
IgnoredImported account field values are different but user has selected not to replace existing accounts. Imported accounts will also be ignored if it includes a 2FA token, or if it is a Computer or Application account and that feature is not enabled for your team.

Note: If the login field of an imported account matches the login for an existing account on the App, the App checks if the account name, password, 2FA token, and comments fields of the imported account are the same or different than the existing account. Only fields that are imported are checked, so for example if Account Name or Comments are not imported, they will not be checked and will not be overwritten even if you chose the option to overwrite fields in existing accounts.