Authomate has implemented a more secure way for StrongPass users to log into their Authomate account that uses the StrongPass SDK instead of the browser extension. The StrongPass SDK extends our easy-to-use password management solution to

  • Enable web logins to environments that have no installed browser extension
  • Eliminate the desktop/browser environment from the password flow to reduce the threat from malware.
  • Enable authentication for tools and environments that are not browser based such as PC logins, installed software packages, and embedded devices.

For more information on StrongPass SDK please click here.


The following is a demonstration of the SDK:


1. To log into your Authomate account using the QR Code Login you will first need to navigate to the sign in page and click on "QR Code Login" link.

2. A QR Code is presented that will need to be scanned using your StrongPass app.

3. Open the StrongPass app on the phone by using your app passcode/gesture and then press the “SCAN NOW" button.

4. Scan the QR Code to complete the process.

5. You are now logged in to the Automate Web Portal.