With most password management tools, keeping the credentials in sync is cumbersome. Authomate has simplified this process. To change the password on an existing online account, open the URL/site on your PC or laptop. Once you have logged in using the Authomate StrongPass app, go to the change password page of that site (Note each site may have a different look and feel for change password and the change password link is likely to be in a different place). Let's use www.facebook.com as an example.

Once the form for change password has come up, you will see a change password Authomate icon appear on the toolbar or become enabled. Click on the Authomate icon.

To initiate the change password process, log into the StrongPass app on your phone using your passcode/gesture, then scan the QR code by pressing the “Scan Now” button. If your PC/laptop supports proximity through Bluetooth LE you can use this instead of scanning the QR code. If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to explicitly select the change password option of the extension.

The StrongPass app will present a screen on the phone with an automatically generated password. You can create a stronger password by moving the slider or clicking the switch to include special characters.  If you prefer, you can clear the field and enter your own password manually. Once you are satisfied with the new password, click the "Continue" button and the app will initiate the change password process and the browser extension will automatically populate the new password in the right places on the change password form in the browser.


After the browser extension automatically populates the new password fields in the browser, press the Submit/Save Changes button to make sure the website accepts your new password. If the new password is accepted, continue to the next step to sync the new credentials with your app. If the new password is rejected, press cancel and start the process from where the change password form is presented. Note: Since many website change password forms have additional fields and information that the user needs to provide, the browser extension does not initiate the password change in the browser. After you have entered any additional required information the website, you can go ahead and press on the submit button on the change password form in the browser.

The last step of the process is to save the new password in your StrongPass app by pressing the Approve button. 

Click here to see a brief How To Video that demonstrates how change your credentials on an existing site.