Yes! Sometimes you may have more than one account for the same site. This is especially true for email accounts. With Authomate StrongPass, you can take the pain out of managing logins/passwords for multiple online accounts. 

1. Open the StrongPass app on the phone by using your app passcode/gesture and then press the “Sites" button.

2. Select the site you want to add an additional account by tapping on the site name and the 'Site Details" screen is presented. For this example we will add another Google Account.

3. Press the "PLUS" button to get to the Add Account page

4. On the " - Add Account -" screen, enter the credentials for the account you are adding.

5. Click the 'Add" button to add and save the account to your credentials repository.

6. That's it! The account can now be used to login to the site.