Authomate's export feature allows you to export the login credentials from all of the accounts on your app to an encrypted zip file which can be downloaded to your PC. The web portal provides an Export Accounts Wizard to guide you through the export process.  


For your security the exported file is encrypted using AES 256 and protected by a password that you select. After the file is decrypted it will be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. 

There is one line for each account that contains 5 fields separated by comma or tab depending on what you select in the wizard. The fields are Site, Login, Password, Account Name and Comments. The order of the fields is determined by what is configured in the wizard. The Site field contains the host name of the website account (e.g.


NOTE: While awaiting download, your file is never stored on the disk and is automatically deleted from the server after download.


The first step is to log into your Authomate account from the sign in page using your Authomate login id and password. You can also use the QR Code login and scan the QR Code using your Strong Pass App.




Once you are logged in, select Export Accounts from the menu on the My Account tab to open the Export Accounts Wizard.


The first step of the wizard is an introduction. It describes how export works and that you will need to download a tool such as 7-zip or Extractor to open and decrypt the downloaded export file.  

Click the NEXT button to continue.

The 2nd step of the wizard allows you to control the format of the export file. Five fields will be included for each account. You can drag and drop the fields on the screen to place them in the desired order. 

Comma or Tab may be used as the field separator. If any field value contains a comma, tab should be used as the field delimiter. 

Click NEXT to display the QRCode.

Log into the StrongPass app on your phone using your passcode/gesture. Scan the QR code with the StrongPass app to begin the export. 

NOTE: Do not press NEXT until the app has completed exporting accounts.

When the QR code is scanned with the StrongPass App, it displays a confirmation screen. Enter a password which will be used to encrypt the file. You will need to enter this password to open and decrypt the file once you have downloaded it to your PC. 

Press Cancel if you do not want to export your accounts

Press Continue to start the export.

When the export is complete, the following message is displayed. You can now return to the Export Accounts wizard on your browser.  

Click the NEXT button which will open a file download dialog in your browser to allow you to select a file name and folder where you would like to download the file. The default file name Authomate uses is "". For many browsers the file is automatically downloaded to the Download folder of your computer.

When finished, click the X in the upper right corner to close the wizard.

Important Note: The exported file is a password protected zip file that is encrypted using AES 256. To decrypt and extract the file you will need to use a zip file tool that supports encrypted files. There are several free tools available including 7-zip for Windows and Extractor for Mac. When you extract the file with one of these tools, you will be prompted for a password. Use the password that you created in the StrongPass app during the export process.