To import your account information quickly and securely into the Authomate StrongPass app, you will use the Import Accounts Wizard to specify the format of the file that contains the login credentials to be imported. The first step is to log into your Authomate account from the sign in page using your Authomate login id and password. You can also use the QR Code login and scan the QR Code using your Strong Pass App.


Once you are logged in, select Import Accounts from the menu on the My Account tab to open the Import Accounts Wizard.

The Import Accounts Wizard has two Import types on the first page to import One Account or Import From File. Select the Import From File option,

The 2nd step of the wizard allows you to configure the format of the import file. A minimum of 3 fields is required for each account: Site, Login, and Password. It is OK if the file contains other fields. The order of the fields and which ones to use are specified in the next step.

There are two mandatory File Import Options:
1) Comma or Tab may be used as the field delimiter. If any field value contains a comma, tab should be used as the field delimiter
2) Select YES/NO to allow you to replace/ignore when accounts in the import file already exist in the app.

When you click on NEXT, the browser will display a file selection dialog.

Select your import file and it will be read in.

The Wizard only allows up to seven fields. If the file you are trying to import contains more then 7 fields it will be truncated and present a warning.

Clock OK to continue.

The 3rd step displays a preview of the data to be imported. The required fields are Site, Login, and Password The Site is the host name of the website for that account (e.g.

Account Name and Comments fields for each account are optional and may also be imported into the App.

Select the labels at the top to the appropriate position in the column on the bottom to indicate which fields to import.

Each StrongPass App account has an Account Name.  If you import an Account Name from the file, it will be used as long as it is unique for that website.  If you do not import an Account Name, or the name you import is already assigned to another account for that website, a new unique name will be assigned (e.g. Account 1, Account 2, etc.).

If you selected YES for the Step 2 option about updating existing accounts, imported fields will overwrite existing fields in the App.  If optional fields Account Name or Comments are not imported, the existing values of those fields on the App will be preserved.

Step 3 also allows you to scroll up or down between each line of the imported file. This allows you to check if the labels are assigned to the correct column. Fields without an assigned label will be ignored during the import.

If there are warnings they will be highlighted in yellow. If you hover your mouse over the yellow fields it will provide the warning.details in red text.

If the first non-blank line in the file is a column header, select YES and the import wizard will skip over that line when importing the credentials from the file
If you need to correct any warnings that are highlighted in yellow, modify the import file and press "PREVIOUS" until you reach Step 2 to re-import the file.

Press NEXT when you are ready to to upload your credentials.

The last page of the wizard will display the status of your upload. If the upload was successful, your credentials will be imported the next time you log into the app.

Click on the "X" to dismiss the form.

Log into the StrongPass app on your phone using your passcode/gesture. The import of the credentials into your app will commence and the app will display a status window of percentage completed.You can click Cancel Import to cancel the import while it is in progress.

Once the import is complete, the app will display a summary of imported credentials. A copy of the import summary can also be viewed on the History tab of your Authomate website account.  Click here to view an explanation of import status summary icons.

Import One Account 

To Import a single account select the Import type "One Account" and Click NEXT to provide the account details.

The required fields are the Website, Login, and Password.
Enter the website host name (e.g. www, in the Website field.

Optionally an Account Name and Comments fields may be included. If an Account Name field is not included, the app will use a generic name e.g. Account 1 on the Account Name field in the app.

Press NEXT when you are ready to upload the one account.

The last page displays the status of your upload. The account will be imported the next time you log into the app.

Click on the "X" to dismiss the form.

Important: Carefully review the Import Status summary. For your convenience, this summary can also be reviewed by logging into the Authomate website and viewing the Activity log for your account. if there is an existing account with matching login, the app checks if the account name, password, and comments fields of the imported account are the same or different than the existing account. Note that only fields that are imported are checked (so if Account Name or Comments are not imported, they will not be checked and will not be overwritten if the existing account on the app gets updated with the info from the import).

The app will attempt to contact each Website to check that the host name is valid, but the app will not try to log into the site using the account login and password. The status of each imported account will be one of the following:

New: Account added to existing site, or new site plus account added.

Failed: Import can fail if an account field is missing or if the Website is unreachable.

Updated: Import account field values are different and existing account has been updated on the app with new values.

Same: Imported account field values are same as existing account on app.

Ignored: Import account field values are different but user has selected not to replace existing accounts.