If you are importing a large number of credentials, you may decide to cancel the import while it is in progress. If you click Cancel Import you will be presented with three options:



  1. Cancel Import - The first option completely cancels the import operation. Accounts that have been imported so far are saved, but the rest of the credentials are discarded and not imported.
  2. Continue Import on Next Login - The second option cancels the import after the current account is processed, then continues the import the next time you log in to the app. For performance reasons, login credentials are imported in groups. If you cancel an import with the option to continue the next time you log in, you may notice that some accounts fail with a status of “Account already exists”. This is normal because those accounts were already imported and were just reprocessed because they were in the import group that was restarted.
  3. Don't Cancel Import - This resume the import on where it was left off before the cancel button was hit.