Authomate StrongPass is very easy to use. Just open the URL/site you wish to log into on your PC or laptop. Let's use as an example.

Once the login page for your site is loaded in the browser, you will see an Authomate icon appear/disappear on the toolbar for Chrome every time the icon is clicked. For all other browsers the icon will toggle back and forth between enabled/disabled. Click on the Authomate icon within the browser bar.  


The browser extension will usually display a QR code (if not, there is a button allowing you to request one). 



When the QR code is showing, open the StrongPass app on the phone by using your app passcode/gesture and then press the “Scan Now”button on the app to scan the QR Code. 

The StrongPass will figure out which Site you are trying to log into and send the right credentials from the credentials database stored in the app to the browser extension. The browser extension will automatically log you in.                      


 Click here to see a brief How To Video that demonstrates how to login with QR code

If your PC/laptop have Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities you can also login using proximity verification. And if the site exists in the StrongPass credentials repository, the app will automatically initiate the authentication process and the browser extension will automatically log you in. If you have not saved the credentials for this site, it will take you to the “new site” screen so you can add it to the repository.

Click here to see a brief How To Video that demonstrates how to login with proximity.

Note: Some websites have the user id and password on two separate screens. If this is the case, you simply enter the userid yourself and the StrongPass app will populate only the password through proximity or QR code using the procedures above on the password entry screen.