Your Authomate account password not only allows you to look at your history, edit your profile and manage your device, but it is essential for you to know this password to reset your StrongPass App passcode/gesture. If you’ve forgotten both your password and your passcode/gesture, the possible options are:

  1. Contact Your Team Administrator: This only applies to StrongPass Teams app users. You can contact your Team Administrator to have them reset your account password. Then you can reset your StrongPass App passcode/gesture using this new Authomate account password by following instructions given here. 
  2. Contact Authomate Support: You can reset your Authomate Account Password by following instructions given here. Please note that you will not be able to subsequently reset your app passcode until/unless you login with your existing passcode. This prevents your credentials from being stolen if your phone is lost and your email is linked to your phone. Since you no longer remember your app passcode, you will have to contact Authomate Customer Support by sending an email to  to allow you to reset your StrongPass App passcode/gesture. Authomate Support will ask a series of questions to confirm your identity.  If your identity is confirmed, Authomate  Support will allow you to reset your StrongPass App passcode/gesture as per instructions given here.