Click here to see the lists of supported applications for StrongPass AppConnect for Windows and StrongPass AppConnect for Mac.

Applications that are not in the supported list, may work with the Generic Application Handler

If your desktop application is not in the list of supported applications, you may still be able to use AppConnect to log into the application. Try clicking in the password field in the application authentication request window. This will signal StrongPass AppConnect to parse the window with the Generic Application Handler and if it is able to recognize authentication fields, it will bring up an AppConnect window for you to log in with the StrongPass App.

Applications that don't show Login and Password fields in same window

If a desktop application does not show the Login and Password fields in the same window (e.g. it prompts first for login, then prompts for password after you submit the login), manually enter and submit the login.

Contact if you are having trouble with an application or would like to request that an application be added to the supported list.