If you are unable to log into the StrongPass app, the failure could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. Invalid Passcode - Please make sure you are using the correct passcode/gesture. The app will lock out after 10 failed login attempts.
  2. Network Connectivity - Please check if your device has network connectivity.
  3. Too many Invalid Attempts - Authomate locks your device after 10 failed login attempts on the app. Once the device is locked, it can not be unlocked with the correct passcode. The device must be unlocked explicitly from your Authomate account.

If you have forgotten the passcode, you can change your device passcode by following instructions given here.

If you are locked out because of 10 consecutive invalid passcode attempts you can unlock your device by following instructions given here.


  1. If you have to  reset your Authomate account credentials, you will not be able to subsequently reset your app passcode until/unless you login with your existing passcode. This prevents your credentials from being stolen if your phone is lost and your email is linked to your phone.  
  2. Also remember that relying purely on your Authomate app to remember your Authomate server password could leave you without access to your credentials! This is one password you really do have to remember.