There are a variety of reasons why your StrongPass app login may fail. Here are some errors you may see:

  • Invalid device or passcode - Double check that you have entered your passcode correctly.
  • Too many attempts - Wait a while and try again - If you enter several incorrect passcodes in quick succession, Authomate will throttle your account as a security measure to discourage brute force attacks.
  • Device is locked out. You must log into your website account to unlock it - Authomate locks your device after 10 failed passcode attempts. Once the device is locked, the app will not unlock, even if you enter the correct passcode. For your security, your device can only be unlocked from your Authomate website account or by an administrator.

If you have forgotten your app passcode, click here for instructions on how to reset it.

If you are locked out because of 10 consecutive invalid passcode attempts, you will need to unlock your device before you can use your app again.