How do I log into web sites with two separate login and password fields on the same page?

1) In our example below using FBO.GOV, we want to log into the Vendors/Citizens. To do this, click on the password field of Vendors/Citizens to set the focus and launch the StrongPass extension by clicking on the extension icon. 

2) The StrongPass app will prompt you to select the credentials to use. Tap the appropriate credentials.

3) The credentials will be populated to the correct login fields and you will be logged in automatically.

How do I change password for sites where the change password screen consists of only a single password field? 


1) This type of site may confuse the StrongPass extension so it thinks you are doing a login operation rather than change password.  If you are using proximity and the app prompts you to log in, dismiss the prompt by tapping on the Cancel button.

2) Click on the extension icon to launch it, then click on the Change Password option to override the browser-selected choice. 

3) The Change Password screen of the extension is presented. 

4) If you are using proximity the StrongPass app will receive a Bluetooth message and prompt you to change the password. If you are not using proximity, click on the Show QR Code button in the extension, then click on the Scan Now button on the main screen of the app and scan the QR Code. The app will present a screen on the phone allowing you to enter a new password.

5) At this point you can follow the same procedure described here to change the password for your site and keep the StrongPass App in sync.

How do I change password for sites where the StrongPass extension is disabled or displays the login option?

1) When a site has multiple fields, the StrongPass extension may be confused about whether you want to perform a log in or change password operation. The example below shows a site where the StrongPass extension displays the login icon because the first two fields on the page look similar to a login and password field, even though the intent is for the user to provide the current password in order to change their email address. This site also has change password fields on the same page.

2) To change password scroll down until only the change password fields are visible. The extension icon will change to the change password icon and you can now change your password by following the procedure here.

How do I login to sites where the StrongPass extension is disabled/not visable?

1) There are website where the field is text and the StrongPass extension does not detect the password field. The result is the StrondPass extension is disabled/not visible until you click on the password field. 

2) The extension is now visible/enabled and is ready to use with the StrongPass app.