Authomate provides the capability  to do white label branding of the StrongPass Teams App and Web Portal to match your company name,  logo, and email. The steps below will demonstrate how to re-brand your StrongPass Team.

The first step is to log into your Authomate account from the sign in page using your Authomate login id and password. You can also use the QR Code login and scan the QR Code using your StrongPass App.


Once you are logged in, select Team Settings,

From Team Settings scroll down to the CUSTOMIZATION section. The defaults for Logo Image, Product Name, and Contact Email are displayed. You can change one or all three re-branding selections at any time.  We will proceed to change all three. 

The image must be in PNG format.  Any size image can be uploaded, however, 525 x 150 pixels will look best on a variety of device types. Other dimensions may not look as good and may use additional app memory to perform image scaling. Under Logo Image select the 'Custom' option and the browser will display a file selection dialog. Select your custom image to replace the default. 

Change the Product Name and Contact Email to your preference. Click on Save Changes and the changes on the web portal will immediately take effect. For the StrongPass App, you must lock and unlock the App for the changes to take take effect.

Below are a few  examples of what your re-branding will look like

Web Portal White Labeling

StrongPass For Teams App White Labeling