Even though we will be sad to see you go, you can close your account and delete your team at any time. To delete your team you will need to delete all of the individual team member accounts, then delete your own account. When you delete the last account on the team you will be asked if you want to delete the team and all of its data.

Export Accounts Stored On Your App

Once you delete your account, your StrongPass Teams App will be locked. If you need any of the passwords stored in your App, you should export your accounts before deleting your account.

Delete All User Accounts On Server

Log into your Automate account from the sign in page and click on "Manage Users". Select the users, one at a time, from the Team Members list to display the account details for that user. Click on the menu in the user details and select "DELETE ACCOUNT". Repeat for each user until all team member accounts are deleted.

 Delete Your Account

To delete your own account, click on "My Account" and open the menu as shown below. Select "DELETE ACCOUNT" to delete your account. 

A pop up will be displayed asking if you want to delete the team and all of its data when you delete this last account. If you select YES your team will be deleted. If you select NO, your team will be inactive and will be cleaned up the next time the server does a clean up of inactive accounts.

Once your account is deleted, your app will be locked by the server and you will be unable to unlock it with your passcode. You may then delete the app from the phone and uninstall StrongPass Components from your desktop.

Note that purchased licenses are generally not refundable. For further information please contact us at support@authomate.com