First log into your Authomate account from the sign in page using your Authomate login ID and password. You can also use the QR Code login and scan the QR Code using your Strong Pass App.


Once you are logged in, click on Manage Users and click on the Menu Pane. Authomate provides two ways to invite user(s) to join the team described below

  1.  "Add Local Users" will create users local to Authomate and when you select this option the "Add New User Accounts Wizard" will appear as shown below.  

     The wizard will present two options. The first option is to invite a single user to join the team and the other is import a list of users from a file.

  2. "Synchronize External Users" will add users from an existing External Directory Service. Before you can add users from an external server you must configure Authomate to integrate with the AD server.

Add a Single User Account

Select "Add One Account" and click on the "NEXT" button to continue. The "Add One Account" form will appear.
Fill out the relevant information and then click the "ADD ACCOUNT" button and the user will receive an email invitation   to join the team.    

Add Multiple User Accounts

Create the text file with the users you want to send invitations. The file is  a simple comma delimited file as illustrated.

Step 1 is to Select "Import From File" and click on the "NEXT" button to continue. The "Import Accounts From File" page will appear.
Step 2 provides information on the format of the file to be imported. Click the "NEXT" button.
Browse for and select the file that contains the list of users to import and it will be read in.
Step 3 presents the list of users read in for review. If the file contains format errors they will be highlighted in yellow. If you hover your mouse over the highlighted item it will inform you what the issue is. Correct the errors in the file, then click "PREVIOUS" to re-import the file.

Click "NEXT" to continue.

Step 4 is to click the "START" button to continue.
Step 4 will send email invitations to all and display the status for each account.

Click on the "X" to dismiss the form.


Add User Accounts From An External Directory Server

Selecting "Synchronize External Users"  presents the Wizard. The  wizard has 4 tabs:
  • The On External Server tab lists the users returned by the query.
  • The Not A Team Member tab lists the total number of users that are on the  External Server but are not added to the Authomate Team.
  • The Missing On External Server tab lists external users that were added to Authomate Team but are no longer present on the External Server
  • The Not Synchronized tab lists the users where the account information (name or email) differs between Authomate Server entry and AD entry.

Note: You have to click on Refresh if the external user list is older than what you want to use.

To add accounts to the  Authomate Team from the External Server, click on the Not A Team Member tab.  Select the users you want to add to Authomate Team by ticking the box next to their Login information.  If you want to add all user accounts to the Authomate Team, tick the box next to the LOGIN label and all users will be selected.  

Once user accounts are selected, click on the Add Checked Users To Team button and a yellow progress bar is presented. 
The Users selected from the AD server have been added to the Authomate Team and an email invitation has been sent to the account holder's email to register their device.

Email invitations will be sent to the new users added. Users can register by scanning the QR Code or opening the registration file attachment in the email with the StrongPass App. 

The email invitation sent to local users will expire after the number of days specified in Step 2 of the wizard. Email invitations sent to external users will expire in 1 day. The new user(s) will be visible in the “Team Members” area of the Manage Users tab. Note that the new user must register their device before they can receive shared credentials.

The invitation e-mail will contain simple instructions for the new user about:

  1. Getting the StrongPass Teams app
  2. Registering their device (smartphone) using the supplied QR Code
  3. Installing browser extensions
  4. Logging into their account via the Authomate website

To add additional users, repeat the above steps.