Server Not Available - Please check internet connection.App is not able to communicate with the serverCheck internet connection and retry
Invalid QR Code - This is an invalid QR Code. Please take a photo of this QR Code and send to <email> with a small note. Thank you.App is not able to read the QR Code.Generate a new QR Code and retry. If problem persists, send a photo of QR Code to support.
Invalid Certify Request - Please try again. If error persists, please contact <email>.Problem reading Certify QR Code or communicating with server to process request.Retry request. If problem persists, contact support.
Photo Submitted - Please have your eVital Administrator review the FR Failure queue to manually review your submission.Low facial recognition score and user has already retried multiple times so manual review of photo is recommendedManually review certify face capture(s). If you click on photo in activity log, you can add this photo to user's training photos to improve face recognition.
Enhanced Face Detection - Enhanced Face Detection has not finished installing.  Please wait a few minutes and retry.Google library to improve face detection is not available for this device or failed to install.Follow android prompts to retry, otherwise user may use basic face detection.
Face Detection Warning - Enhanced Face Detection not available. Using Basic Face Detection which may be slow.Google library to improve face detection is not available for this device so basic face detection will be used.This is just a warning that face detection may be slow on this device. This was for older devices so this error may not apply any more.
QR Code Contents - <string of characters>This message may appear if user scans a QR Code that is not from eVitalRetry using eVital QR codes only
Unable to access cameraUser must allow Camera permissions for the App.If user did not allow permissions when first prompted, they can go to phone settings and change permissions for eVital Certify App  to     allow camera access
App Update Available - Please go to the app store to update to version <number>A new version of the app has been distributed and must be installed to continueNew app version must be installed to continue