Network error - could not read the entire block of dataServer request did not complete.Check network connection and retry.
Too many attempts - Wait a while and try againServer request denied because of too many failuresCheck possible sources of error - network, room lighting, etc. and try to fix. Wait a while, then retry.
Invalid or missing parameterServer request formatting problemCheck network connecton and retry. If problem persists, contact support to investigate.
This device is not supported by this app.  Please try with another type of device or contact your administrator for more information.User is not allowed to register the app on this phone because hardware model has been prohibited by NYC DOHMHUser must install app on a different phone
Invalid account or password or email is not yet verified.Problem with account informationCheck user account information in eVital
The invitation or temporary credentials have expired. You will need to get a new invitation from your administrator.Enrollment QR Code has expiredSend user a new Enrollment QR Code
Account is locked out. A team administrator must unlock it.Account has been blocked by an administrator.Use administrator website to unblock user if desired.
This certification cannot be completed because of the quality of the image. Hint:  For a better image, try a different background and/or lightingFacial recognition score was too low for successful certificationFollow hints and retry. If too many users are encountering this error, acceptable facial score settings on administrator website may need to be adjusted.
Please have your eVital Administrator review the FR Failure queue to manually review your submission.Low facial recognition score and user has already retried multiple times so manual review of photo is recommendedManually review certify face capture(s). If you click on photo in activity log, you can add this photo to user's training photos to improve face recognition.
The system is too busy to process your request right now.Server was unable to perform facial recognition (server encountered busy error)Retry
This certification cannot be completed because the image is only a partial match. Hint: For a better image try a different background and/or lighting.Facial recognition score was too low for successful certificationFollow hints and retry
Server rejected request. Perhaps it timed out or was sent to wrong server?QR Code may have timed out or there was some other internal or networking errorCheck network connection. Generate a new QR Code, and retry.