If your phone is lost or stolen, and someone tries to guess your app passcode, the StrongPass app will automatically lock itself after a limited number of failed attempts. To further protect yourself, you can disable your StrongPass device from the Authomate website by following the steps below. If you are a StrongPass Teams user, you can ask your Team Administrator to do this for you.

1) Log into your Authomate website account from the sign in page using your Authomate login ID and password.

2) Highlight your device if necessary, then select "Lock" from the menu.

3) Click on the LOCK button to lock your device.

4)  Click on the X to dismiss the lock confirmation pop up screen.

5) A lock icon is displayed to indicate that your device is now locked out.

If anyone attempts to guess your passcode while StrongPass is locked, they will get the following message:

Note 1: If you locate your phone you can unlock the app following the steps described here

Note 2: If your phone is permanently lost and you have a replacement phone, you can recover your StrongPass credentials by following the steps described here.